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Lithium battery industry

Electric heating rotary kiln

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A, the equipment use:
This equipment is mainly used for the continuity of the dehydration processing iron phosphate powder materials.
Second, the main technical parameters of equipment:
1, the highest temperature: 800 ° C;
2, common temperature: 550 ~ 750 ° C;
3, furnace tube section size: 1100 mm diameter Ø;
4, paragraphs furnace tube total length: 17.55 m;
5, heating method: electric heating, communication 3 phase 5 wire;
6, the method of temperature control: import intelligent temperature control instrument automatic temperature control, PID automatic adjustment
The number 7, the temperature control group: six groups;
8, the temperature control precision: plus or minus 2 ° C or less;
9, installed power: 350 kw;

Note: according to user requirements design and manufacture.

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