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Nitrogen protection hot air circulation glue furnace

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A, the equipment use:
This equipment is used for silicon carbide products under nitrogen protection of the environment of plastic processing, equipment adopts hot air circulation heating method, on the top of the furnace set with hot air circulation fan and hot air heating system, heating the air flow along the transverse through the furnace chamber of a stove or furnace product area, pass a poverty of sintering volatiles through transverse circulation flow away, to achieve the ideal effect of glue.
Second, the equipment technical parameters:
1. The chamber of a stove or furnace size: 1600 * 1300 * 1550 mm (L * W * H).
2. Material size: 1400 * 1200 * 1200 mm (L * W * H).
3. The highest temperature: 700 ℃.
4. The commonly used temperature: 600 ℃.
5. Number of sets of temperature control: a temperature range of hot air heating.
6. The temperature stability: + / - 3 ℃.
7. Constant temperature area effective cross section temperature difference: + / - 5 ℃.
8. Temperature control mode: silicon controlled to move to surge, intelligent temperature control instrument.
9. The surface of the furnace body temperature rise: 40 ℃ or less.
10. Equipment appearance size: 2300 * 2200 * 3100 mm.
11. Installed power: 75 kw.
Three, the structure of the equipment:
This equipment by sealing furnace shell, insulation, furnace, hot air circulation channel, hot air heating system, hot air stirring fan, sealed oven door, stainless steel rack, air intake system, exhaust treatment systems and other parts.

Note: according to user requirements design and manufacture.

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